Dr. Toufic Haidamous

Assistant Professor, LEED AP-CDES

Area of Research interest

  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Industrial Design
  4. Biomimetics
  5. History of Art
  6. Design Methodology
  7. Design Research Methodology
  8. Sustainability
  9. Construction Management
  10. Urban Design and Infrastructure
  11. Green Building Certifications

Projects & Grants



Creative Works, Exhibitions, Shows & Professional Design Achievements

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Dream Ball Gala Dinner (2020)
  • Lehfed House and the Silver Poplar Trees (2020)
  • UAE Future Gate (2020)
  • Beyond the Chair (2020)
  • Start Cup Veneto 2019: Hybridge team shortlisted among 10 finalists from 140 participants in Italy. Final results in September 2019
  • Sikka Art Fair 2019. Collective exhibition in Dubai
  • IUAV Spinoff 2018: 2nd place for Hybridge team, a start-up for design consultancy focusing on biomimetic innovation.
  • Collective exhibition in Via Appia Byblos, Lebanon (2018)
  • Collective exhibition in Rashaya, Lebanon (2018)


Journal Articles, Book, Book Chapters, Magazine Articles, Other Publications

  1. Haidamous, T. and Mohamed, G. (2020). Architecture, Ideology, and Cultural Identity. Book Chapter in Book entitled “ World Expos: Expectations of Legacies and Footprints, the Case of 2020 Dubai” (in process)
  2. Perricone, V., Rotondi, C., Haidamous, T., Langella C., (2019). Paleomimicry: Biomimetic Design Approach Inspired by Fossils, International Journal of Biomedical and Biological Engineering, 13, No.6. Open Science Index.
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  6. Haidmous, T. (2014). Towards an Evolutionary Design in Lebanese Vernacular Dwellings, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, Vol. 9, Issue 4, 307-314. WIT Press, UK.


Conference Proceedings

  1. Haidamous, T. and Chamoun C. (2020). Smart Dubai_A Post-Modern Urban Utopia. Proceedings of the 3rd AUE International Research Conference, August 2017, Dubai, UAE
  2. Mohamed, G. and Haidamous, T (2020). Dubai’s Booming Housing Projects: Disruption in the City’s Cultural Identity, Proceedings of Cumulus Roma Conference 2020, Roma, Italy
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