Dr. Tariq Morchid

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Area of Research interest

  1. Sports Law
  2. The role of extra-judicial modes in settling disputes: Alternative modes of dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, conciliation...) have experienced and continue to show a very important development because of their advantages compared to the state justice. As part of a trend in use of flexible modes and above all faster dispute resolution, the technique ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provides an economical and reliable way for companies to end their conflict. The use of this private justice as a conventional mode, allows not only the parties to avoid certain disadvantages inherent in the state justice, such as in particular the slowness of procedures, and rigidity, sometimes applied to certain laws; but also to benefit from many advantages such as confidentiality, speed, technicality, availability, selection of arbitrators and including applicable laws.

Projects & Grants



  • Article: (2018), Transformation of sports associations into commercial companies; reality and perspective (REMFO).
  • The role of Arab countries in ICC Commercial Arbitration (REMFO)