Dr. Nikolina Ljepava

Assistant Professor / Department Chair of Management, Marketing and Logistics, College of Business Administration

Area of Research interest

  1. Human – Technology Interaction and Cyberpsychology
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Marketing Communications / Online Communications
  4. Business Analytics and Business Research Methods
  5. Consumer and Business Psychology
  6. Educational Technologies

Projects & Grants



Journal Articles

  1. Runic Ristic, M., Ljepava, N., Qureshi, T. M. & Milla, A. (2020). A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Conflict Management Styles in Multinational Organizations: Empirical Evidence from Serbia. JEEMS Journal of East European Management Studies, 25(3). (Forthcoming) Journal indexed in Scopus, Google Scholar Citations – 0 https://www.jeems.nomos.de
  2. Selaković, M,  Ljepava, N, Mateev M (2019). Implications of the paracrises on the companies’ stock prices. Corporate Communications: An International Journal Selakovic, M., Ljepava, N., Mateev, M. (2019). Impact of Paracrisis on Company’s Stock Prices. Corporate Communications: An International Journal doi: 10.1108/CCIJ-07-2019-0080
  3. Ljepava, N., Tomić, D Nuhodžić, D Gnjatović, M (2019). Cyberbullying, online behavior, and the students' psychological well-being. Serbian Journal of Engineering Management 4 (01) , 9-14. doi:10.5937/SJEM1901009L
  4. Article: (2018), Upravljanje inovacijskim promenama usavremenom okruženju (Managing innovations in the contemporary business environment)
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  6. Selaković, M., Ljepava, N., & Đeletović, M. (2018). Managing Innovations in Contemporary Business Environment Vojno delo70(3), 448-459. DOI: 10.5937/vojdelo1803448S
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  9. Ljepava, N., Orr, R.R, Locke, S., Ross, C (2013). Personality and social characteristics of Facebook non-users and frequent users. Computers in Human Behaviour, 29 (4), 1602-1607.

Conference Seminars and Workshop

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Book and Book Chapter

  1. Ljepava, N. (2018). Marketing Research. 2.0. Marketing Research Practices in Digital Era. Foundation Andrejevic
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