Dr. Nahla Moussa

Chair of the Department of Education, College of Education

Area of Research interest

  1. Factors influencing the academic achievement
  2. Assessing and evaluating the learning outcomes
  3. Teaching styles and learning styles
  4. Integrating Web 2.0 technologies into teaching and learning environment
  5. Motivations to learning and achievement in higher education institutions.

Projects & Grants




  • Moussa, N. M. (2018). Learning Styles and the Adoption of Modern Technology among Adult Learners. Institute for Learning Styles Journal, 1, 11-21.
  • Moussa, N. M. (2014). The Importance of Learning Styles in Education. Institute for Learning Styles Journal, 1, 19-27.


Conference Proceedings:

  • Plagiarism and Family Morals (2020). Accepted at the 6th International  Conference: Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond, 1st Virtual Conference 17–19 April 2020-
  • Perception of violence among children and teenagers in Dubai submitted and approved at the AUEIRC, August 8-10, 2020.
  • Moussa. N. M (2015). “Exploring Learning Styles of Students in a Higher Education Setting”, the Institute for Learning Styles Research Summer Conference May 18-21, 2015. Auburn University, Auburn, AL USA