Dr. Chadi Rachid Chamoun

Associate Professor, College of Design

Area of Research interest

  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Product Design
  4. Design Theory
  5. Design Methodology
  6. Design Research Methodology
  7. Construction Management
  8. Urban Design

Projects & Grants


Creative Works, Exhibitions, Shows & Professional Design Achievements

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Dream Ball Gala: Scenography & Design (2020)
  • Beyond the Chair: Curating of Faculty & Student ‘Furniture Design’ Works (2020)
  • CDES Capstone Showcase : Curating of Event (2020)
  • CDES Fashion Dar: Historical costumes research project (2020)
  • CDES Capstone Showcase: Curating of Event (2019)
  • CDES Mélange Exclusif Fashion Showcase: Curating of Event (2019)
  • Chadi Rachid Chamoun (Lecture & Book Signing), American University in Dubai – UAE (2012)
  • Neo-realist Architecture Derivatives (Lecture), University of Ulster – Belfast (2006)
  • Peter Cook in Lebanon (Lecture, Exhibition and Roundtable), The Lebanese Order of Engineers (2005)
  • Archigram World Rally (Lecture, Exhibition and Roundtable), The Bartlett School of Architecture, London (2004)
  • Al-Burj - The Tower of Pleasure (Lecture & Exhibition), The Bartlett School of Architecture, London (2003)
  • Sounds Good (Lecture), Lebanese American University, School of Architecture, Beirut (2002)
  • Luckily Infected Affected (Lecture & Exhibition), Notre Dame University, Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design (2001)
  • HusVar Estate (Exhibition), Buffalo University, U.S.A (2001)

Journal Articles, Book, Book Chapters, Magazine Articles, Other Publications

  1. Chamoun, C. Editor (2020) Fashion Design: STUDIO 7209. AUE-College of Design Publication
  2. Chamoun, C. Editor (2020) VISUALS: CAPSTONE 2019. AUE-College of Design Publication
  3. Chamoun, C. (2015) Interiors for Elite Clients in Burj Khalifa. Self-Published Book
  4. Chamoun, C. (2016) An Adventure in Hospitality Design. Self-Published Book
  5. Chamoun, C. (2016) Concepts & Constructions. Self-Published Book
  6. Chamoun, C. (2012) A heritage of excellence in custom designed Interiors. Self-Published Book

Conference Proceedings

  1. Haidamous, T. and Chamoun C. (2020). Smart Dubai_A Post-Modern Urban Utopia. Proceedings of the 3rd AUE International Research Conference, 2020, Dubai, UAE
  2. Chamoun C. (2018). Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility. Earth and the Built Environment: towards a new concept of sustainability. Proceedings of the 2nd AUE International Research Conference, 2018, Dubai, UAE