Dr. Ayman Al-Hawawsheh

Associate Professor, College of Law

Area of Research interest

  1. Research in criminal law and criminal justice areas
  2. Criminal Investigation
  3. Depth studies in forensic medicine
  4. International conferences and workshops

Projects & Grants



Academic Researches

  •  Individual  Admission  of Uttering Crime . ISI Journal . )SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL-LAHORE   Quarterly ISSN: 1013-5316 – 2018 .
  •  Criminal Intent behind" Drifting" under the Saudi Law(ISI Journal)  SCIENCE -INTERNATIONAL-LAHORE , Quarterly ISSN: 1013-5316 CURRENT, NOV.-DEC., ISSUE-2018
  • publishing in hijacked Web of science Journals : Analytical and legal study For IsI system (is being published ).
  • Crime Of assault on public money , comparative study , Jerash university , 24- 2018 .
  • Moral Actor of Crime /Priyanka Research Journal Publication 20/3/2014
  • Self-defense legalization in slander and libel  crime , Ain Shams University 12/3/2014
  • Human trafficking ,comparative study , Ajloun University  , 5/2012
  • Death penalty ,comparative study , Jazan University 7/05/2014
  • Crime of arbitrariness of corporate funds in Saudi legislation, International Journal of Information Technology and Management
  • MONEY LAUNDERING "compliance solutions" Al-Quds University
  • Human trafficking "comparative study "   JiL Scientific Research


  • The possibility of lifting fraud merit in some Saudi financial market system crimes, Mohamed V University / Rabat / Morocco
  • Impact of criminal law codification on social justice "in Saudi Arabia – journal of legal and political sciences-    EISSN: 2602-6643-29-1-2020 .
  • Publishing in hijacked Web Science Journals: legal and analytical study - Research a development project for the University of Northern Borders-KSA.Date of approval of the project for development: 2017
  • confront the crime of racial discrimination in the UAE legislation - Law and Development -Journal  - Algeria- University of Tahery  . 30-12-2019 .

Books :

The Impossible Crime A Comparative Study - Dar Al-Thaqafa for Publishing and Distribution - Jordan 2010

Scientific Conferences and Seminars

  • Perceptions of Crime and Justice /The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) .USA 2/2014 /Researcher
  • Justice between reality /Justice between reality and expectations conference /Alexandria University, in collaboration with the University of "Johns Hopkins University / 2013
  • Cyber Crime/ Jordan / 2015 /Researcher
  • The possibility of eliminating  fraud trait  for some Saudi financial market crimes/ Mohammed V University / Morocco / 2015 Researcher
  • Unfair offense of using  Saudi Corporate Funds /Arabia University of  Bejaia / Republic of Algeria / 2014/ Researcher
  • Trafficking crime / Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan / Jordan 2012 /Researcher
  • Challenges for 21st Century Global Cities/ George Washington University- WASHINGTON, DC – USA 2016.
  • International Police brainstorming workshop, Tink Tank, Sheikh Saeed House - Al Shindagah - sponsored by His Highness the Minister of Interior Sheikh Saif bin Zayed - UAE 20-3-2019
  • Knowledge Summit 2019 "Knowledge for Sustainable Development"-Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State -November 19, 2019 - November 20, 2019
  • International Crime Reduction Conference 2019 December 10-9-Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates .
  • Integrity is a legitimate and national requirement of the Northern Borders University, Saudi Arabia, 12-12-2016.
  • Information Security and Cyber ​​Crime -United Arab Emirates 2-3-2019.
  • University students' vision of the problem of drugs and psychotropic substances, and a mechanism to confront them, community Dubai Police - International Protection Center, 16-4-2019
  • The 14th International Protection Forum “We Learn… to Protect” 28 to 29 April 2019 at Al Jawhara Hall - Jumeirah Convention Center, Dubai.
  • International Virtual Seminar ", Challenges in Dealing with Drug and Psychotropic Substances Abuse During Prudential Measures to Confront Virus Corona - Dubai Police-“Hemaya” 21-5-2020 .