Dr. Asma Salman

Associate Professor, College of Business Administration

Area of Research interest

  1. International Finance
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
  4. Digital Currency
  5. Cryptocurrency

Projects & Grants




Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. Salman A., Nawaz H., Bukhari H. M. S., & Baker, A. (2018). Growth Analysis of Islamic Banking in Pakistan; A Qualitative Approach. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 22 (Special Issue), Islamic Banking and Finance. 1528-2635-22-SI-173. Journal Indexed in Scopus
  2. Salman, A., & Jamil, S. (2017). Entrepreneurial Finance and Its Impact on E-Business. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 15(3), 24-41. Journal Indexed in Scopus
  3. Salman, A., & Munir, N. (2015). Relationship between the Incentives Offered on Credit Card and its Usage. Journal of Finance, Accounting, and Management, 6(1), 30-39.

Books/Book Chapters:

  1. Asma Salman & Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq (Eds.). (2018). Accounting, ISBN: 978-953-51-6143-1
  2. Asma Salman (2018). Micro Finance; a driver for Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship – Trends and Challenges, Sílvio Manuel Brito (Ed.), InTechOpen ISBN 978-953-51-3963-8
  3. Asma Salman and Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq (2018). Bitcoin and the World of Digital Currencies, Financial Management from an Emerging Market Perspective, Ph.D. Soner Gokten (Ed.), InTechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.71294

Conference Preceedings:

  1. Salman A., (2017). Digital Currencies and the Power Shift in the Economy. In Proceedings of the 1st American University in the Emirates Research Conference, AUEIRC, Dubai, UAE.
  2. Salman, A., Khalid H. A. R., Sammour, I. H., & Zelenskikh, A. (2016). Empirical Analysis of Foreign Direct Investments: The Case of UAE. In Proceedings of 2nd Academic International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management (pp. 1). Boston, USA: Harvard University.
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