Dr. Asli Milla

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration

Area of Research interest

  1. Online Consumer Behavior
  2. Digital Marketing and Advertising
  3. Technology Integration and Acceptance
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Sports Marketing

Projects & Grants



Journal Article

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Conference Seminars and Workshop

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Book and Book Chapter

  • Guimarães-Mataruna, F.A., Milla, A.,& Mataruna Dos-Santos, L.(2020). Digitalização do Olimpismo e paz na perspectiva dos Comitês Olímpicos, Paralímpicos e das Academias Olímpicas de língua Portuguesa. Livro Olimpismo e Paz. (Forthcoming)
  • Guimarães-Mataruna, F.A, Cruz Morales, K.N., & Milla, A.(2018) New media models: radio, television and social media as tools for the sport and the Peace. Book chapter in Sports for Peace Recommendations for Mexico, Publisher: Universidad Autónoma De Occidente. pp 157-169 ISBN: 978-607-7834-47-2