Dr. Thaer Oudeh

Assistant Professor, College of Education

Area of Research interest

  1. Linguistics Studies
  2. Literary Studies
  3. Effective teaching methods (Education)
  4. Official correspondence in Arabic (communication skills)
  5. Arabic Language for Non-Arb Speakers

Projects & Grants

  1. Distinguished Research Award at the 5th International Conference of the Arabic Language, Dubai, May 2016, for the research entitled: " Linguistic errors in official and commercial advertising (causes and solutions)".
  2. Award of the best researcher at the college of Education at the American University in the Emirates for the academic year 2016-2017


Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. The Arabic Novel and Its Modern Criticism, Historical Approach, Damascus University Magazine, Syria, February 2016
  2. The Arabic Novel and Its Modern Criticism in Palestine, Historical Approach, Damascus University Magazine, Syria, December 2015
  3. Short Story Analysis in the Light of Structural Model, Al Mawqif Al Adabi Magazine, Damascus, Syria, 2014
  4. Problematic in Arabic writing, AL ARABIA Magazine, Al Sharjah, UAE, April 2014

Books/Book Chapters:

  1. Effective Communication Skills in Arabic, Al- Falah Books, Dubai- UAE, 2017
  2. Communication Skills in Arabic, (Co-author) University of Sharjah, UAE, 2011

Conference Preceedings:

  1. Oudeh, TH. (2018). “Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers (Between Tradition and Creativity) ” Articles in Innovation Arabia 11, Annual Congress 11-13 March, 2018, Dubai. https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/innovationarabia/conference-program?topic=smart-Learning-Conference-2017.pdf ISSN#2414-6099
  2. Oudeh, TH. (2018). “The rationales for using techniques in learning Arabic language) ” Articles in1nd AUE International Research Conference, AUE, Annual Congress 15-16 November, 2017, Dubai. Springer International Publishing AG
  3. Oudeh, TH. (2017). “Technology and Arabic language crisis between marginalization and deployment” Article in Innovation Arabia 10, Annual Congress 06-08 March, 2017, Dubai, UAE http://www.innovationarabia.ae/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/HBMSU-Smart-Learning-Conference-2017.pdf ISSN#2414-6099
  4. Oudeh, TH. (2017). “Linguistic Phenomenon of “Arabeziyah” (Causes and Solutions)” Article in Sixth International Conference of the Arabic language, Organized by the International Council of the Arabic language in cooperation with UNESCO, May 2017, Dubai, UAE http://www.alarabiahconference.org/uploads/conference_research-227355834-1496395245-3642.pdf
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  8. Oudeh, TH. (2015). “The Arabic language in schools and universities" Article in the conference "the Arabic language and Contemporary Challenges," in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and the University of AL-Ain, February 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE