Dr. Mirna Saad

Part-Time Faculty, College of Education

Area of Research interest

  1. Renewable Energy.
  2. Geothermal Energy.
  3. Investment in Renewable Energy.
  4. Urban Planning.
  5. Field Survey.
  6. Geographic Eduction.
  7. Arabic Language for Non-Arab speakers.
  8. Teaching styles and learning styles

Projects & Grants



Conference Proceedings:

- The Second Arab Regional Conference on the Efficiency of using Oil, Gas and related Industries in The Arab Contries : Towards an effective Vision for Joint Arab Action.The Future of the Geothermal Energy in the Arab World. Arab Administrative Development Organization – Cairo – Egypt. 06-07 March 2019.

- Conference and Exhibition on the future of investments projects, and small industries in Egypt (Opportunities and Challenges). Investments in Renewable Energy in the Arab World. Diamond Hall - International Park – Nasr City, Cairo – Arabic Republic of Egypt. 17- 18 June 2019.

- Ajman Urban Planning Conferences : Towards Geospatial Cities. An Introductory Lecture on the UAE Geographical Society. Emirates Hospitality Center- Ajman Emirate – United Arab Emirates. 23-30 October 2019.

- International Congress on the Natural Resources, Capacity Development and Technology Transfer”. “ The Importance of Geography and the Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. Holiday Inn, Lyon Vaise Hotel. Lyon – France. 19-20-21 February 2020.

- Role and Importance of Field Study in Geographical Research. Lebanese University. Doctoral School. Beirut- Lebanon.