Dr. Hatem Ahmed Ali Adela

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Area of Research interest

  1. Economics and Public Finance

Projects & Grants


Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. “Estimating the relationship between Monetary economic variables and stock prices in Dubai Financial Market”, the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies, Journal of strategic visions, Issue (8), Oct 2014.
  2. “The impact of the Sukuk issuance on economic growth in Malaysia and Emirates”, The Egyptian Society of Political Economy, Statistics and Legislation, Contemporary Egypt Journal, No. 513, January 2014.
  3. 3“The Relationship between Crime and Economic Growth in Egyp, The Egyptian Societyof Political EconomyStatistics and  Legislation, Contemporary Egypt Journal, April 2015.
  4. “The relationship between Sukuk issuance and Investment in Malaysia, UAE and Saudi”, commercial research journal, Zagazig University, Vol. 38, No.1, January 2016.
  5. “The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Egypt” Egyptian Journal of commercial studies, Mansoura University Vol. 40, No.3 ,
  6. “The Impact of the Funding by participation on Monetary Policy in the Islamic Economy”, Global Islamic Economies and Markets    Conference, London, England, September 9th,
  7. “The role of the Roads and Transport Authority in the transformation of Dubai into a smart city” Review of Economics & Political Science (REPS), Cairo University, Vol.2, Issue.2, April 2017.
  8. “The Impact of Musharakah Financing on the Monetary Policy in the Islamic Economy”, Review of Economics & Political Science (REPS), Cairo University, Acceptance Letter for publishing in October 2018.

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