Dr. Hafiz Gaffar

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Area of Research interest

  1. Law and technology.
  2. Anglo-Saxon law
  3. Property law.
  4. Torts and contract.
  5. Civil Procedure law.

Projects & Grants



 Peer-Reviewed publications:

  1. The need to reexamine pre-emption law in the Sudan: Critical Analysis,-Arab law Quarterly: Brill/ academic publishers Netherlands. (Index Scopus Q 4), accepted for publication on July 1st 2020.
  2. Doctrine of resulting trust in English and Sudanese legislations, Journal of Sharia and Law, UAE, issue No.83.july2020.
  3. The impact of mix-jurisdiction in Sudanese civil law, kilawJournal-volume7-Issue4-Ser.No.28-2019.
  4. Autonomous vehicles: Regulatory Issues and Civil Liability by Focusing on some pioneering laws, Ki law Journal, accepted for publication on 15th of June 2020.  
  5. Legal challenges facing online shopping (UAE Law Model) Journal of Legal Sciences, University of Sharjah, Volume. (16). No. (1), 2019
  6. The legal force of pre contractual evidence and its conflict with the interpretation of written contract: A comparative study, Journal of Legal Sciences, University of Sharjah, Volume. (16) no. (2) -2019.
  7. Liability of building care taker in Emirati law with reference to Egyptian law -Journal of Legal and Economic Research, University of Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt, Vol. (3) Issue. No. (2) 2017.         
  8. Unilateral will and its role in forming one-man-company (Emirati law as a model), Morocco Journal of law, issue. No. 35, July 2017.
  9. Consumer protection in model insurance contracts with a special reference to UAE and Egyptian law- Spirit of Laws Journal - Tanta University, Arab Republic of Egypt, issue. No. (66) 2014                       
  10. Interim orders in Sudanese and Indian Law (Comparative Study). Journal of Justice, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Sudan, sixteenth year, issue. No. 43, Dec 2014.

11 Revino under Sudanese and English conflict rules-Journal of Business and Law, AL Hassan University, Morocco, June 2017.  

  1. Characterization of disputes with foreign component in Sudanese and comparative law, Journal of Business and Law, AL Hassan University, July 28, 2018.
  2. Judicial custody in Sudanese and Qatari law, Journal of Justice, Republic of Sudan, 2014


  1. Legal terminology in English (contracts and commercial law) curriculum taught to under graduate students at Faculty of Law, AL-Neelain University-Republic of Sudan.
  2. History of Law (comparative analytical study) taught to under graduate students, AL-Neelain University- Republic of Sudan.
  3. Al-Wajeez in Private International Law, printed by College of Sharia and Law, AL-Jouf University, Saudi Arabia


Conference Proceedings:

  1. Hafiz Gaffar and Ayman Mohammad Zain: unified law of contracts in the light of provisions of Arab judiciary, Faculty of Law - University of Sharjah. On 2017.
  2. Hafiz Gaffar, Participant: Recent Amendments to French Civil Law and Its influence on Arabic Laws", University of Sharjah, Faculty of Law, on November 2016.
  3. Hafiz Gaffar, participant: The International Court of Justice and its role in Settlement of disputes peacefully between states" organized by Faculty of Law, University of Sharjah on   2016.
  4. Hafiz Gaffar, participant: International conference on "Contemporary Issues in Air & Space Law" held by Faculty of Law as from 22.02.2017 till 23.02.2107.
  5. Hafiz Gaffar, participant: The first international forum on “commercial and Islamic arbitration “held at University of Sharjah on Wednesday on 7 Dec.2016.
  6. Hafiz Gaffar, participant: The second International forum on “banking jurisprudence” held at University of Sharjah - Khorfakan branch, on 23 Feb2017.