Dr. Eltion Meka

Assistant Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Area of Research interest

  1. Comparative politics
  2. Democratization
  3. Globalization
  4. Security and International relations
  5. International organizations

Projects & Grants



Projects and Grants:

  1. 2019: Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission
    • Title: European Union Enlargement for the Western Balkans.
    • Reference #: 610495-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPJMO-CoE.
    • Award amount: €99,918 for 2019-2022.
  2. 2017: Jean Monnet Networks award from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission
    • Title: Democratization and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans.
    • Reference #: 587516-EPP-1-2017-1-AL-EPPJMO-NETWORK.
    • Award amount: €295,092 for 2017-2020.
  3. 2016: Jean Monnet Module from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.
    • Title: EU Democracy Promotion.
    • Reference #: 575239-EPP-1-2016-1-AL-EPPJMO-MODULE.
    • Award amount: €26,460 for 2016-2019.
  4. 2014: Dissertation Fellowship by Rutgers Graduate School-Newark
    • Award amount: $20,000 for 2014-2015.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  1. Meka, Eltion and Ilir Kalemaj. (2020). Critics of Democracy: The impact of communist legacy on support for democracy and voting behavior in Albania, Problems of Post-Communism.(Forthcoming)
  2. Meka, Eltion (2020). Reigniting European Integration in the Western Balkans: What can we expect?, Tirana Observatory.
  3. Meka, Eltion. (2016). European Integration, Democratic Consolidation, and Democratic Regression in CEE: An Institutional Assessment, Journal of European Integration, 38(2), 177-192.
  4. Meka, Eltion. (2016). EU Integration under Highly Fractionalised Party Systems: The Cases of Poland and the Czech Republic, Europe-Asia Studies, 68(9), 1467-1485.
  5. Meka, Eltion (2016). Minority Protection and Democratic Consolidation: The role of European Integration in the Republic of Macedonia, Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal, 10(2), 23-37.


  1. Meka, Eltion and Stefano Bianchini (Eds.). (2020). The Challenges of Democratization and Reconciliation in the Post-Yugoslav Space. Nomos. (Forthcoming)
  2. Draško, Gazela Pudar., Aleksandar Pavlović and Eltion Meka, (Eds.), (2018). Politics of Enmity. Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. Belgrade: Serbia.
  3. Meka, Eltion and Ilir Kalemaj. (2018). Gracka e Votuesit: Mes alkimisë elektorale dhe demokracisë hibride [Voter’s Trap: Between electoral alchemy and hybrid democracy]. UET Press. Tirana: Albania.

Conference Presentations:

  1. European Integration and Cartelization of Party Politics in New Democracies. Presented at the ECPR General Conference in Hamburg, Germany on August 25, 2018.
  2. Theoretical and methodological challenges to democracy promotion. Presented at the OSCE Conference on “The role of the internationals in the Transition in Albania.” Tirana, Albania, December 6, 2017.
  3. European Integration and the Cartelization of Party Politics: Political competition and Eurosceptic parties in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Presented at Canterbury Christ Church University Workshop on “Democratic Recession and Europe in Flux: Everyday Perspectives.” Canterbury, UK. September 20-21, 2017.
  4. Theorizing the International Dimension of Democratization. Presented at the Rutgers University Global Affairs Symposium “Conceptualizing the Global – Recontextualizing the Local, Regional and International.” Newark, New Jersey. April 24, 2015.