Dr. Bassant Eyada

Associate Professor / Department Chair, College of Media and Mass Communication

Area of Research interest

  1. Advertising
  2. Political Advertising
  3. Marketing
  4. Advertising Ethics
  5. Advertising and the Society
  6. Children Advertising

Projects & Grants



Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. “An Empirical study of Banned Advertising in Egypt and Violated Morals” Published at: International Design Journal Volume 7, Issue 2 - April 2018
  2. “The role of Advertising in Crisis Management in Egypt” Published at: International Design Journal Volume 7, Issue 2 - April 2017
  3. “An Evaluation of Commercials Concerning Early Childhood Development” Published at: International Journal of Early Childhood Education Research (IJECER) Volume 5, Issue 9 - March 2016
  4. “Rituals of Advertisement: How Consumption Becomes a Ritual like Mystic Experience” International Conference for Social Sciences and Humanities, Published at: International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ (IJAS), Volume 9, Issue 1 - June 2016
  5. “The Expression of Political Schism Using the Art of Graffiti in Egypt”. Published at: The Scientific Journal of Applied Arts, 3 January 2013, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Egypt

Books/Book Chapters:


Conference Preceedings:

  1. “The Impact of Smart Technology on Advertising: A Case Study on Pepsi-Egypt”, Presented at: AUE International Research Conference (AUEIRC) American University in the Emirates - November 2017
  2. “Pavlov’s Consumers: A Behaviorist Approach to the Idea of Quality in Advertisements” Presented at: Innovation Arabia 9th Annual Conference. Dubai, UAE - March 2016
  3. “E-Learning between Theory and Practice in Design Education: An Empirical Study on the Egyptian Art and Design Universities” Presented at: Innovation Arabia 8th Annual Conference. Dubai, UAE - February 2015
  4. “Effectuation of Interactive Advertising, An Empirical Study on Egyptian Tourism Advertising”. Presented at: XIII International Conference on Communication, Visual and Performing Art Studies. Istanbul, Turkey - February 2015
  5. “Exploring the Art of Graffiti as a form of Political Advertising in Egypt”. Presented at: VIII Conference of Contemporary Arab Art. Faculty of Fine Arts, Yarmouk University, Jordon - April 2013.