Dr. Azzam Hannoon

Assistant Professor / Specialization Coordinator - ACC, FIN & IRM, College of Business Administration

Area of Research interest

  1.  Financial & Corporate Disclosure
  2. Value Added Tax
  3. Accounting Information Systems
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Financial Inclusion
  6. Financial Sustainability
  7. Banking Services
  8. Entrepreneurship Education and Country Competitiveness

Projects & Grants



Journal Article

  • Fadi, S., Gamage, S. K. N. & Hannoon A. (M. T), (2019), The causal relationship between SME sustainability and banks’ risk, (2019), Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 32:1, 2743-2760. (indexed in )
  • Hannoon, A., Assessing the Role of Factors Affecting the Adoption of VAT-Compliant Accounting Systems, Management Science Letters, ISSN 1923-9343 (Online) - ISSN 1923-9335 (Print), 9 (2019) 1439–1450, (indexed by Scopus)
  • Shihadeh, F. H., & Hannon, A. (M. T.). (2017), The Financial Inclusion Development in Palestine. Business and Economic Research, 7(1), 189-198.
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  • Hannon, A. (M. T.), & Hayek, A. F. (2016). Drivers of Disclosing and Non- Disclosing Environmental Information in the United Arab Emirates. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 144 (January, 2016), 69-82.

(Indexed in ABDC 2013)

  • Shehadeh, F. H., & Hannon, A. (M. T.). (2016). Is Palestine Exchange an Efficient Market in Semi-Strong Form?. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, United Kingdom, 4(4). 106-119.

Conference Seminars and Workshop:

Conference Proceedings:

  • Al-Sartawi, A., Badawi, S., Hanoon, A., Hamdan, A., Reyad, S., & Razzaque, A. (2019). Entrepreneurship Education and Country Competitiveness: Avenues for Future Research in the Arab Countries, (Sep 2019), European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Reading: 59-65,XVIII,XXII,XXIV. Reading: Academic Conferences International Limited.

(indexed in Scopus)

  • Capitanio, F., Hannoon, A., Darville, J., Faccia, A., Assessing Crop Yield and Risk: A New Method for Calculating Insurance Based on Rainfall, (2020), The 2nd International Research Conference - Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (AUEIRC’18), AUE, Dubai.

(published in proceedings- Springer)

  • Al-Sartawi, A. M. M., Wadi, R. M. A., & Hannoon, A. (2018, October). Information Technology Governance and Electronic Financial Disclosure. In Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society(pp. 449-458). Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Era, 17th IFIP WG 6.11, I3E 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait,

(Proceedings in Scopus)

  • Shihadeh, F., Hannon, A., and Wang, Y., (2018). The Relationship Between Borrowing, Saving and Individuals’ Socio- Economics Characteristics in Palestine, the International Business Information Management Conference (31st IBIMA) Milan, Italy.  25-26 April, 2018 The paper is published in the conference proceedings (ISBN:978-0-9998551-0-2).

(Its Scopus/ Web of Science/ ISI proceedings)


  • Faccia, A., Hannoon, A., and Capitanio, F., (2018), Risk Assessment of Major Crops in Egyptian Agriculture, The 2nd International Research Conference - Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (AUEIRC’18), AUE, Dubai.