Dr. Asli Cazorla Milla

Assistant Professor / Specialization Coordinator - MKT, College of Business Administration

Area of Research interest

  1. Online Consumer Behavior
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Technology Integration and Acceptance
  5. Social Media Marketing

Projects & Grants

  1. 2014 European Union Funded Project, STORK, Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0


Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. Milla, A., Mataruna Dos-Santos, L., Runic, M. (2018) Adopting Social Media for Nonprofits as a Main Marketing Tool: Analysis of a Youth Non-Profit Organization, International Journal of Business and Economics Research, Vol 15, Issue 22
  2. Mataruna Dos-Santos, Milla A, (2018) Reflection and practices regarding gender on persons with and without disability beyond the sport in the contemporary school environment Journal of Science and Knowlegde
  3. Gaur D, Milla A, (2018) Role of Environmental Psychology on the Internal Marketing and Branding: A Conceptual Study, Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies

Books/Book Chapters:


Conference Preceedings:

  1. Runic M, Mirkov S., Milla A, (2018), Social reputation of managers in the society of post socialist transformation, Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
  2. Milla, A; Swart K, (2018) Sports User Experience and Consumer Behavior: A Case of Dubai Sports World, Business Conference, Dubai, UAE
  3. Yildirim, T., Milla, A. (2017) A Critical Evaluation of the Effects of the Advertisements Targeted to Children ,1st International Research Conference, American University in Emirates, Dubai.
  4. Milla, A. (2017) Twitter Usage Among Young UAE Citizens: A Cultural Study,4th BE-ci International Conference on Business & Economics, Czech Republic
  5. Milla, A; Kurt, O. (2017) Technology Integration in Turkish High Schools: A Critical Evaluation of FATIH Project, Ariadna Journal, Vol.4, Issue.4 (accepted)
  6. Blas, S.; Sanchez-Garcia, J.; Fiol, L., Milla, A. (2014) Determinants of Intention to Use a Mobile Application of Healthcare and Well-Being: A Study Focused on Endomondo Application, Congreso ACEDE, Universitat Jaume I, Spain
  7. Milla. A. (2012) Word of Mouth Marketing Usage with Comparison of Turkish Culture inTurkey, EDIS, Publishing Institution of University of Zilina, Slovakia